Monte Pora ski facilities

Chairlift Termen temporarily closed. It will reopen in the winter season.

2-seater chairlift

Chairlift Vareno

Difficulty: blu/black slope, for advanced level

4-seater chairlift

Chairlift Cima Pora

Difficulty: red/black slope, for advanced level

2-seater chairlift

Chairlift Valzelli

Difficulty: red slope

First steps on skis

Tapis Roulant First Steps Termen

A dedicated space to learn to ski more easily and quietly near Baita Termen.

2-seater skilift

Skilift Pian dell'Asen

Difficulty: red slope


Tapis Roulant School Camp Termen

A dedicated space for learning how to ski with more ease and tranquility near the Baita Termen.


Skilift Magnolini

Difficulty: red slope

4-seater chairlift

Chairlift Termen

Difficulty: red and blue slopes


1 Chairlift Vareno chiuso
2 Chairlift Cima Pora chiuso
3 Chairlift Valzelli chiuso
4 Tapis Roulant First Steps Termen chiuso
5 Skilift Pian dell'Asen chiuso
6 Tapis Roulant School Camp Termen aperto
7 Skilift Magnolini chiuso
8 Chairlift Termen aperto

Ski slopes

1 Area bob Vareno blu
2 Slope Vareno nera
3 Slope Magnolini blu
4 Slope stradina del Vareno blu
5 Slope variante canalone del Vareno rossa
6 Slope canalone del Vareno rossa
7 Slope connection canalone del Vareno nera
8 Slope connection Cima Pora - Vareno blu
9 Slope Pian dell'Asen left rossa
10 Slope Pian dell'Asen left rossa
11 Slope connection Pozza rossa
12 Slope Fausto Radici nera
13 Slope Cima Pora and Coppa Europa rossa
14 Slope connection Cima Pora blu
15 Slope connection Cima Pora rossa
16 Slope Cima Pora right rossa
17 Slope variante Malga Alta rossa
18 Slope Malga Alta rossa
19 Slope variante Boschetto blu
20 Slope Boschetto blu
21 Slope Pian del Termen night light rossa
22 School Camp Pian del Termen blu
23 Snow Tube blu
24 Slope Baita Termen blu
25 Slope connection Magnolini rossa
26 Slope Valzelli rossa
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